Switching – Android to Windows Phone

I’m making the switch to Windows Phone. I’ve been an Android user for a bit now and it has some good things in it, but perhaps its more the phone I’ve had, but it crashes too much. I’m not even a heavy user of the phone, I’ve just been really disappointed.


I know Android can be good, I have a Nexus 7 and it is terrific. So it might be that this phone has the older operating system (2.3 Gingerbread) so that is why it fails so bad or it might be the phone itself. It seemed like a good time to jump into Windows Phone.

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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad. Just a few pictures I have of him through the years. Since mostly he was the man behind the camera, there aren’t many.

Clowing er... Santa-ing around

Clowning er… Santa-ing around

He likes to have fun and not afraid to be a fool. In fact even though in the above picture he put on a Santa hat, he played Santa many times when I was young and continued for many many years.

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WSRB in pictures

I wrote previously about some logs for WSRB, my former high school radio station, so figured I’d share a couple of photos as well.

WSRB circa 1982

WSRB circa 1982

This is where all the action took place. A simple 5-pot (pot = potentiometer, for adjusting volume) board with microphone, cart machine (like 8-track but only one track for ads/promos) and 2 turntables (record players).

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Kindergarten group photo

It was the time of flower power, Woodstock and men landing on the moon, but we were 5 or 6 years old, what did we know about any of that? Apparently more than one might realize since my earliest recollection of TV is seeing a man landing on the moon (yes it was in black and white).

My Kindergarden Class 69-70

My Kindergarten Class 69-70

I present to you my fellow kindergarten classmates, innocent children embarking on the world of the 1970’s. Do people still dress up for photo day, or do they even still have photo day? My kids have grown now so not sure, but even back then not everyone truly “dressed up”.

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WLMN Curry College Radio

I’ve shown the high school station a bit and more to come, but going to jump ahead in time and glance at one of the college stations I worked at. Curry College is a small college in Milton, MA and I attended it for the last 2 years of my 4 years in college.
Here I present part of the program booklet put out by the station.

WMLN Program Guide 84-85

WMLN Program Guide 84-85

This booklet contained detailed information about what type of programming the station put out as well as who did what.

WMLN Program Guide 84-85 opening page with written in chages

WMLN Program Guide 84-85 inside cover

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Radio Station was on last legs

My high school was very lucky to have a radio station, little did I know how close it came to not being around when I was there. I came across this article, though don’t remember that the station was on life support. An article in the high school paper wrote about it.

WSRB off the air

WSRB off the air

You can click on the image to read it, but basically it says that the students using the station had been irresponsible and the faculty weren’t sure if the station should continue.

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Metal Award

I earned an award in Jr. High school (now usually called Middle School) but I have no recollection of that fact. I wonder what I did to earn it.

Outstanding Accomplishment in Metals - Me?

Outstanding Accomplishment in Metals – Me?

Apparently it is true since I have this award that I assure you is not a mock-up. I do recall making a screwdriver (not the drink) and a toolbox. What could I have done to earn it?

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