Xbox fun

I recently purchased an Xbox for my birthday. At my age you buy your own presents lol. Anyway I actually got it a month ago, but it just felt like the time to buy one. I have had a Wii since it was released, but it has gathered dust. I’m not a big-time gamer, but I do like to play on occasion even though I often don’t get to play with anyone but myself.

I had wanted an XBox for quite a while, but wanted to remain loyal to Nintendo, and I still enjoy their games. They make fun games. The XBox overall is geared towards blood & guts and shooting games, which aren’t my style. Why they don’t really have any good platformers (aside from Lego) for the Xbox is strange to me.

I bought a used Xbox and low and behold the one I got was used by a fellow Doctor Who fan. So I felt I was pre-destined to get this one (either that or previous owner is a time-traveler). I won’t mention the gamertag in case he still uses it, but it came with a Doctor Who theme (ok a little outdated) and a Doctor Who user icon.

I had purchased one game to start with, a driving game. I enjoy driving games usually, though more fun going against real people. I haven’t tried that option (though forget even if it’s included with it). Anyway I was blown away by the graphics (coming from the Wii that is to be expected).

I also managed to snag a Gold subscription for online for a low price through my gift card at Amazon and Amazon’s prices. So now I could also watch Netflix through my Xbox (and access to a few other apps). Again the quality is stupendous! I used to use my blu-ray player for Netflix and it was pretty good, but even better through the Xbox even though both are HD devices.

What really grabbed me though was a game called Fable 2. My daughter has it and I got to try it for a bit. It was and is more my style of game. I’m not typically an RPG type person, but this is more on the “lite” side of RPG’ing.

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