Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad. Just a few pictures I have of him through the years. Since mostly he was the man behind the camera, there aren’t many.

Clowing er... Santa-ing around

Clowning er… Santa-ing around

He likes to have fun and not afraid to be a fool. In fact even though in the above picture he put on a Santa hat, he played Santa many times when I was young and continued for many many years.

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I need to move the blog. Ok maybe more of a want, but feel it is important I do so. This began as a little idea that I wasn’t sure if I would pursue for long. Now is the time to get it to a more likely location than @ sekyal. Hindsight being 20/20 I should have moved it before the RP.

So I am switching to using throughthepanes.wordpress.com instead.

This really makes more sense and I’ll keep this blog for other observations perhaps not related to Windows. I have also created a Facebook and Twitter account for this as well. I am still considering this a hobby, but you never know.

It certainly isn’t anything without an audience. I am most grateful to those who have already chosen to follow me. You can continue to follow via email, but will also be able now to do so in other ways. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience of changing things up once you began to follow me.

This site will stay up for about a week to give you a chance to switch. However, new articles will no longer be posted here and will only be at the new site.

Thank you for your patience with this transition.


Windows 8 Release Preview out

As you may or may not have read yet, Windows 8 Release Preview is out and I am downloading it as I type. I will then install it upon it’s completion.

I’m planning to give a quick look at things tomorrow. Subsequently I will delve into new and updated apps. There will be quite a bit to update on so it will take time to cover each one. The reviews should end up being a bit more in-depth than I did with the Consumer Preview since they will have updates and this version of Windows 8 is much closer to the final build. There will most likely be more areas to check on functioning like the snap feature and share charm.

My hope for this release is that it is even smoother to use, the Metro style apps do more and the overall experience is more promising. I have gone back and forth over whether Windows 8 is the right direction for users. It is the right direction for Microsoft since tablets and smartphones are becoming the norm. The question that I am unable to fully answer yet is whether Windows 8 with the Metro Style and desktop combined is the right thing for a desktop/laptop PC.

So plenty of updates coming that I will try to get out each day. I will be referring to my previous articles to reference changes but only showing new screenshots. Those previous posts will be edited to reflect the Consumer Preview. Also I am changing the look slightly of the blog now for the Release Preview.

Thank you for those who have read my blog and I hope that more will do so. My goal is pretty much to do this from the everyman’s perspective, awesome writing is not my intention. Reader input though would be helpful to guide me to what you wish to read.