New Design – New Icon

I have decided to use a different design for the Through The Panes blog. I wanted something with more color. Also I felt this design worked much better with the new banner. I appreciate any comments or suggestions for the new design. Credit goes to Dani of Scale Design for providing permission to use the original artwork.

Also a little note about what I hope to keep updating the blog with. I will do my best to get app reviews done daily. There are so many apps coming now that it will take awhile to get to all the ones I want to get to. Some days I may update more than one a day for the time being. However, if there is one you’d like to read about, let me know.


Just a reminder

As mentioned in the previous post, this blog is moving. It will now be at a more sensible site . You are welcome to keep following here as I will keep off-topic updates here once in awhile.
The two most recent posts for Through the Panes are linked below.