WMWC – College Radio

These letters, WMWC, were the call letters for the “radio station” at Mount Wachusett Community College where I spent 2 years of school. I put the words “radio station” in quotes because our audience was basically the cafeteria. In fact these call letters belong to the University of Mary Washington. Yeah, I have never heard of them either, then again most probably haven’t heard of Mount Wachusett either.

WMWC board

WMWC board

A view above of our board and turntables, carts (for promos), reel-to-reel machine, mic and various papers and notices. Even a window! Not all radio stations have a window.

View towards hallway

View towards hallway

We were right down the hall from the cafeteria so making a request was easy. I can recall that the whole cafeteria at times would sing-a-long to songs but none more than Cheap Trick’s “If You Want My Love”. It has a chorus that has “oooo”‘s in it and everyone would “oooo” then. Silly but fun.

Records or Vinyl. CD's were just emerging.

Records or Vinyl. CD’s were just emerging.

Here was our small record collection. Since our programming time frame was fairly limited, we didn’t need much. I still enjoyed the time there and even have a couple of promotions that I created or was involved in that I want to share sometime.

It was a luxury that I am guessing the school eventually had to cut back on even though they still offer broadcasting classes.


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