Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad. Just a few pictures I have of him through the years. Since mostly he was the man behind the camera, there aren’t many.

Clowing er... Santa-ing around

Clowning er… Santa-ing around

He likes to have fun and not afraid to be a fool. In fact even though in the above picture he put on a Santa hat, he played Santa many times when I was young and continued for many many years.

The other photos here are in a gallery below. We (my kids and I) even made a Mii for him though he may have only played a Wii once. The oldest picture I have here is him with my brother, sister and I in front of Niagara Falls – 1980. I included one that is very recent from their 50th anniversary cruise. Another picture of my dad with my brother and I just last year.

Again Happy Father’s Day Dad and to my brother and brother-in-law Paul as well, plus all other Father’s being recognized today.


One thought on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Happy Fathers Day to you. Bruce told me about your card to me and I appreciate what you did. As you know I am not into this social media thing, so I hope this reply gets to you about fathers day. The Lucier’s and us went to a chicken barbeque at the Walpole Sportsman’s Club which was quite a meal. Talk to you soon.


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