WSRB in pictures

I wrote previously about some logs for WSRB, my former high school radio station, so figured I’d share a couple of photos as well.

WSRB circa 1982

WSRB circa 1982

This is where all the action took place. A simple 5-pot (pot = potentiometer, for adjusting volume) board with microphone, cart machine (like 8-track but only one track for ads/promos) and 2 turntables (record players).

Other things that might not be recognizable these days are a cassette player and a reel-to-reel machine. I brought those in to help play material that I had in those formats.

I really like the logo on the wall with the plastic record and the tiny clock. Barebones but it did the job. At the top of the photo is a speaker box where the sound came out when you weren’t “on-air”. Not seen in this view is the phone. We had a phone for requests, but if recall correctly it was just in the other room. It wasn’t always easy to answer.

There is a window to the right in the photo, but it didn’t look outside, it looked into another studio which we never used. The equipment was more up-to-date but never was finished being hooked up. We did have a window that looked outside at least.

The first of the other two photos included here give you a view of our transmitter, cart storage and reel-to-reel storage. The other image is of me on the air. Doesn’t that chair look comfortable? The cardboard cut-off on the window was there as a reminder of when to play spots (promos/public service announcements).

We had to bring our own records in but I didn’t own very many. All the ones in the image are either my friend Chris’ or my brother Bruces’. Good memories for the short time I was able to do it.


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