Kindergarten group photo

It was the time of flower power, Woodstock and men landing on the moon, but we were 5 or 6 years old, what did we know about any of that? Apparently more than one might realize since my earliest recollection of TV is seeing a man landing on the moon (yes it was in black and white).

My Kindergarden Class 69-70

My Kindergarten Class 69-70

I present to you my fellow kindergarten classmates, innocent children embarking on the world of the 1970’s. Do people still dress up for photo day, or do they even still have photo day? My kids have grown now so not sure, but even back then not everyone truly “dressed up”.

I wonder how long it took to get us all settled and stay still long enough to take decent photo? Apparently the photographer was in a hurry though, so much so he (usually a man in those days) couldn’t be bothered to snap more than one picture.
They must have selected the only one he took, since Lynn (no I didn’t have to cheat to view the list as seen below) in the lower right has her eye closed. I bet her mom didn’t care much for this photo.

Certainly many changes can happen over the course of 12 or 13 (or for some more) years of schooling not including college, but 8 managed to graduate with me in high school. Eric Bradley, James McDonaugh, Karen Hughes, Todd Richardson, Ken Chamberlain, Robert Damish, Mary Kay Perella and the eye-closer herself Lynn Civilinski. Impressive 40% including the one missing from the photo James Cahill.

The back of the photo had the names written in gracefully by my mother as shown below. We will revisit some of these classmates in a future post.

Back of Photo

Back of Photo


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