WLMN Curry College Radio

I’ve shown the high school station a bit and more to come, but going to jump ahead in time and glance at one of the college stations I worked at. Curry College is a small college in Milton, MA and I attended it for the last 2 years of my 4 years in college.
Here I present part of the program booklet put out by the station.

WMLN Program Guide 84-85

WMLN Program Guide 84-85

This booklet contained detailed information about what type of programming the station put out as well as who did what.

WMLN Program Guide 84-85 opening page with written in chages

WMLN Program Guide 84-85 inside cover

On the inside cover there is a welcome letter from Professor Alan Frank who was also the faculty member in charge of the station. You’ll notice on the first page showing which student held which position that I have marked changes.

If I recall, it wasn’t the printings fault, these were just changes that happened half way through the year and they didn’t bother to print a new version. Perhaps someone who is listed can shed light on it, if they happen to read this blog.

The only evidence that suggests that it might have been an old printing after all is because the transmitter wattage was listed incorrectly. Of course it’s always possible that figure was not changed upon printing a new copy as no one thought to correct it.

WMLN Program Guide 84-85 Schedule with written in changes

WMLN Program Guide 84-85 Schedule

When I began at the station this was the order of our “shows” but it would evolve every semester, including in this version since I have scribbled on it as well. I’m glad “Rock Friends” was changed to “Rock Trends”, as the former really doesn’t make sense. It shows that I did that show on Saturdays in the Spring, but I assure you I started on a Jazz shift.

Everyone did a Jazz shift first. More than likely difficult to find people to do it and helpful for a student since if you can make that work, you can do well in the other shifts. I can’t say I did Jazz well, but luckily only did it for 1 semester.

If you are curious what Curry Radio is up to now, here is the web link >> WMLN. Their program guide isn’t working for me… ah the days of paper, pretty reliable. You can however listen via the web. Check it out.


2 thoughts on “WLMN Curry College Radio

  1. Hi Wayne – we only printed one of these guides per academic year (I believe it would have been cost-prohibitive to do one for each semester). You’re correct that the staff changes happened as people either graduated or left Curry. I know Nancy Lazzaro graduated in December of that year, and I don’t recall what happened to Ruthanne (I think Bruce quit school). I know that Joe and I moved into the front office second semester of junior year. I think Tom Fuller was doing a full-time internship in what would have been the spring of his senior year – director changes happened all the time. For that Program Guide, I think “Rock Friends” was a typo on the original version 🙂 Anyway, thanks for sharing. I have some pages from the 1985-86 program guide in one of my albums on Facebook. – Kim Dwelley

    • I figured that was all the case, thank you for backing me on my assumptions. I have the following year one as well. I was not as involved that first year there, I think it was a blur.

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