Radio Station was on last legs

My high school was very lucky to have a radio station, little did I know how close it came to not being around when I was there. I came across this article, though don’t remember that the station was on life support. An article in the high school paper wrote about it.

WSRB off the air

WSRB off the air

You can click on the image to read it, but basically it says that the students using the station had been irresponsible and the faculty weren’t sure if the station should continue.

Mr. Turco was my English teacher one year (I remember him as kind of like Howie Mandel, only less funny) though I do not recall any input from him regarding the station during the time I was with the station.

The article also gives a little insight into it’s beginning in 1965 and that some students had gone on into success in the field of radio or TV after using the station. Apparently the meetings to see about keeping the station afloat with previous students and current faculty were a success. Were it not so, I would never have worked there.

Of course another reason I ended up there is due to my friend Chris Dionisio, he was there before me.

At the time of the article, the station was off the air, so it is Ironic that the below ad appeared in this same issue of the Rebellion. Note: the name of the school paper is due to the fact we were known as the Rebels and Star Wars had not even been thought of when that name was chosen.

WSRB ad circa May 1981

WSRB ad circa May 1981



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