Metal Award

I earned an award in Jr. High school (now usually called Middle School) but I have no recollection of that fact. I wonder what I did to earn it.

Outstanding Accomplishment in Metals - Me?

Outstanding Accomplishment in Metals – Me?

Apparently it is true since I have this award that I assure you is not a mock-up. I do recall making a screwdriver (not the drink) and a toolbox. What could I have done to earn it?

Perhaps that everyone else was so much worse than I was… highly unlikely. Of course I would settle on my disintegrating memory for not recalling what I might have done, but then it dawned on me. I did do something significant in Metal class. In fact it could have left a mark on me, at least it did in my mind.

I dropped a vice on my foot. It wasn’t just some little vice you might have clamped to your work table at home or even just hand-held vice clamps. This was a big vice, that I doubt very much if I could lift it, it was that heavy. Apparently it wasn’t bolted down properly and I leaned on it, and down it went, right on my foot.

It hurt like a mother…ooops family site here… it hurt like sexual act heck. It hurt so bad I don’t believe I said a word, just opened my mouth real wide. The vice must have landed just right because I have no damage from it. I must have had a bruise but my memory has chosen to forget that part.

The teacher must have felt bad for this happening so decided a meaningless award was in order. Give him this award so he won’t sue us for not making sure a heavy vice was clamped down. I never considered to sue, nor did my parents. I didn’t go home for the day, I continued school after walking (well maybe I “sat” ) it off, but things went on like “normal”.

Thanks for the award ‘Teach’ you presented to me since you thought my foot was made of metal due to not getting injured in the accident. I’m so glad to have this reminder that I didn’t belong there.


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