WSOL (not the real one)

This is a real radio station but this post has nothing to do with it. Back in college a wrote a paper for school that used these letters for a radio station. I’m actually surprised it is a real station since “SOL” can stand for “sh** out of luck” – like I had to spell that out for you.

WSOL proposal pg 1

WSOL proposal pg 1

My proposal for this class paper was for a religious station who’s slogan “is “We Rock your Soul”. Pretty catchy huh. I’m not a religious man but I was at the time. There are typo’s such as spelling occasionally incorrectly or making up a word like “satanistic”, and I’m sure others but the focus for the exercise was not on proper English.

I had create the basics for a whole campaign. Bumper stickers (not many use them anymore since people don’t want to ruin the paint job), T-shirts, billboards, bus advertising and a TV commercial.

WSOL TV Commerical

WSOL TV Commerical

I get a kick out of this. Yes the drawing is terrible, but I also wonder what was on my mind. First off, I never have been Catholic, so why did a focus around a catholic type setting. True I may have been thinking about the fact that is one of the most popular groups of people, but are people who go there called “Parishiner”‘s? Perhaps a little off there, but I think it is an interesting idea.

You can see the rest of my artistic attempts below to illustrate the rest of this proposal. I like the reference to “bus rears”, when you drive behind a bus is it thinking “Stop staring at my butt!”?

All I got for my effort was a “B”. A good grade to be sure, but why was it a B? The teacher provided no explanation, everything she said was good. Not very constructive. Reading this many years later though I definitely see room for improvement.

I honestly can’t recall if this was for Curry College or Mount Wachusett Community College (the two places I attended) so have had to guess based on what was located with it in storage. Not that I expect you to know but… full disclosure…


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