Memorial Day

I’ll be honest I’ve never had much of a connection with Memorial Day. Aside from my dad spending a bit of time in the army (non-wartime), there is no connection to the armed forces in my family. I realize it is greater in scope than just my family but it is where connections of that type begin. It seems though I did once depict something related to this holiday.

Pencil art of a graveyard

Pencil art of a graveyard

I wouldn’t say I’m artistic, that is my sister, but I did take an art class in high school ; had to get credits from somewhere. The above drawing was done as part of that class.

Having several straight lines, more than likely I used a ruler for much of it. I’m wondering if it was completed around Memorial Day because it mentions “in the line of duty” and there are flags next to the gravestone. It does have a nice 3D-ish view though I think I rushed the lettering a bit.

For those who lost someone in the line of duty, I appreciate their sacrifice to help keep the freedoms we all enjoy.


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