Kindergarten Book

I am calling it a book, but it isn’t really one in the sense most would think of it. It is more like a scrapbook. It had a pocket to store papers or pictures from each class and a little info about the child at that age. Awww.

Kindergarten Stats

Kindergarten Stats

I think this is the only time I ever had my picture taken with a vest on, but a cute picture – I was cute at one time. My teacher was Mrs. Cartwright and I began school that year on September 15, 1969 (There is a friend of mine on-line who would be born on this date in another 5 years, little did I know that then). Age 5 and basically the same weight as my height (44 in. and 45 lbs. respectively), already nearly two-thirds my eventual height.

The other side of this pocket has little information added but it does raise some questions.

Back Page Kindergarten

Back Page Kindergarten

It shows I made 9 new friends, but 5 are crossed off. Why is that? Did I already lose them as friends in less than a year’s time? Upon closer inspection they are all girls that are crossed out. My mom wrote the names down, but I’m not aware of when the names were crossed out. Maybe I went through a phase where I didn’t like girls even though I found them friendlier than boys.

My best friend lived next door and yet she is one of the crossed off names – Peggy Anne. Apparently poor Gary was an afterthought  since he is by himself a couple of lines down. I really remember little from that class.

My mom checked off that I wanted to be a fireman when I grew up. Doesn’t every boy want that? I find it interesting that Astronaut is there as this was when the space race was in full form. I doubt many aspire to go to space these days, not even MySpace. Lastly you can see the earliest record of my signature and the last time it was so readable.


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