Pre-1st Grade

This document does not contain a lot of information like some others but perhaps offers some insight into my schooling progress.

Pre-1st Grade cover

Pre-1st Grade cover

My teacher for first grade would be Miss Nancy Cella and the school was Boyden in South Walpole, Massachusetts. I’m guessing there was an assessment done by the first grade teacher to see how ready a child was for the next step.

It should be noted this was SUMMER kindergarten. Was I bad, so bad that I couldn’t pass regular kindergarten? Or was this mandatory. I can’t answer that except that I have other documents mentioning a separate woman who taught kindergarten.

I decided not to scan in every page since for whatever reason most of them have no markings. You’ll see in a couple of the images below scenes that look like they are from a coloring book used to describe the accomplishments or abilities of the student. I assume the teacher is supposed to enter some sort of indication on each item to show success or failure.

Not only is nothing colored in for these sections (which no doubt the teacher wouldn’t do anyway and I must not have cared) but the little box in the upper right is empty. We’ve come a long way with how kids are raised these days. The reports aren’t geared towards the children as they were in 1970 ; they are geared toward those who really read them, the parents.

Pre-1st Grade last pages

Pre-1st Grade last pages

I was noted to be a quiet boy. If you have a quiet child, try to get them to interact as much as possible, they need to know it is ok to be yourself. Troubling though that the teacher only saw fit to say I will only ” show satisfactory progress” in the next grade. You’d hope for something more uplifting. “I’m sure he’ll do great!” or “He’ll be a terrific student”. It is the diplomatic way they did things to try not to single out anyone, but gives me the feeling I just scraped by.

I even got a chance to draw a picture of myself on this report. Apparently I thought my ears were really large (and black) and hung low – maybe due to singing that song “Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro…”. My hair looks like I have a Donald Trump wig on and I wear sleeveless shirts (almost never). I would say I wasn’t a very good artist, but for a brief time that changed later in life. At least the parts were basically in the right location.

A couple of other images are below. Thanks for reading.



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