WSRB logs Part 2

Here I am with the second part of WSRB logs. This will show another log, but really not that different from the one from yesterday. The main difference is links are provided to some of the PSA’s listed so you can hear them. You will have to download them to hear them since I have to pay extra to have them directly in the blog.

WSRB log 1-22-83

WSRB log 1-22-83

For this log I was the only one who worked that day. The files for your listening pleasure are some of my favorite PSA’s only one of which was played on this particular log.

Click each link to listen to that PSA. A station ID and a promo for the meeting of the Selectman is also provided. The Selectman’s promo always gave us a laugh because we were playing it from 1981 to 1983 (for me at least) and it mentioned that things were tough in 1980. It sounded dated even if it didn’t really affect the message.

Honest Gunga ; Kalaka ; Selectman’s Promo ; As the World Squirms ; Station ID.

When it opens, click download and then “Open”. It is with a weird asx format, so if you are unable to play it, perhaps this converted files will work. MP3 Converted Zip file.

I hope you find them interesting. I have others that I may share at a later date. Gallery below for the remainder of this log.


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