WSRB Logs Part 1

This is the first of two posts with logs. I just thought someone might find it interesting what our high school radio station logs looked like. Yes we had a radio station in high school, it is no longer operational. This post contains one set of logs, Part 2 will contain a log plus a few links to some of the jingles and PSA’s (public service announcements) that were played. (I just realized yesterday I posted the raw image files and they were larger than the majority of people have their monitors set at if you wish to see the full image – fixed that in this post).

WRSB log Page 1 12-31-82

WRSB log Page 1 12-31-82

Here is the first page of the log for 12-31-82 which as you can see had 3 on-air personalities. Interestingly this is after 2 of us (Chris and myself) had already graduated high school. I remember doing a few shifts after I graduated but don’t recall how we got permission. I also do not recall the circumstances that led to me having the original copy of the log. The station is supposed to keep them. You’ll see in the gallery below (or click on “more” link) for the other pages and what they consist of is explained prior to it.

Transmitter logs – we were required to take readings on the radio transmitter every 2 hours by the looks of it. I was not informed (or don’t remember) what the nominal settings were nor if any indicate a danger. We did have to dig out calculators to figure out the “TPO” though.

Program Logs – This log contains 3 pages of programming logs. The purpose to indicate what PSA we played and when. Being non-commercial we didn’t have commercials but we had the free version that are supposed to service the public. Some of them we had to read live as indicated on the log, others we played on a cart. The cart looked similar to an 8-track tape (if too young to remember that, do a search for it) but it only played thing. Once done it was available to play again fairly quickly and was activated with just the push of a button. I’ll have links to some of those in the next post.

We would also indicate the type of programming and when we started and stopped each PSA. And here you thought on-air personalities got to just sit around during commercial breaks. Even when we were playing music we were busy. Preparing the next song to play, preparing the next PSA and/or answering the phone for those elusive call-in requests (which might change your song flow).

Back Page – The last page is an idea Chris and I put together to try to make the logs easier to use. As I mentioned there was a lot to write and we wanted simplify it. I’m not sure we really changed much and didn’t go anywhere. Especially considering we weren’t officially in high school anymore so had little sway.

I hope you enjoyed this look at this relic from 1982. It was before computers, so it is typed up on a typewriter and copied with old mimeograph paper. Tomorrow I will post the links to a few of the items you see listed here, plus the other log I have.



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