1st Grade Report Card

I thought I’d start finally getting going on scanning in all my old papers into the computer. The paper has held up pretty well overall. Perhaps someone is interested, perhaps not. It therefore becomes an archive of sorts for my children. There is no planning so might jump around to different things and this initial post is mainly a test framework. I’m not a packrat (unlike my mom) but I do try to keep a select part of my past. I go through some of it each year to remove things that no longer need be kept. These scans will allow me to part with more short that time come.

This is not my 1st first grade report card, but one I have. Most of my elementary stuff is buried in my parents attic, and who knows what condition it is in or if I’ll ever see them again.

Report card images

Report card images

My teacher was Miss Celia and I don’t remember anything much from 1st grade aside from being shy. In fact I remember more from kindergarten. Clearly my teacher did a good job observing me saying I needed to be more “independent” and answer questions more assuredly. She also reprimanded me on my handwriting which is no doubt worse now than it was then. Keep in mind these notes are for different semesters, but clearly I didn’t do well improving my reading comprehension. Even now I sometimes get impatient reading and skip ahead at times. I retain more information visually and orally than the written word even today though I enjoy reading.

They only graded ‘Satisfactory’ or ‘Needs Improvement’ and in most areas I managed to improve. I am unsure if being in Group 1 meant I was in the highest group or just an arbitrary designation. I didn’t miss a day of school and that would continue through most of my schooling. I do know 2nd grade I missed time around Valentines Day due to something hernia related but otherwise kept a clean attendance record.

Below is a gallery of the 3 sheets of the report card I have. You can click on one to see it larger, the one shown initially being duplicated below.

Thanks for visiting, please comment and let me know what you think of this idea, good or bad. Including the choice of theme. It is really tough to settle on an appropriate theme so bear with me while I possibly try different ones.


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