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I recently purchased an Xbox for my birthday. At my age you buy your own presents lol. Anyway I actually got it a month ago, but it just felt like the time to buy one. I have had a Wii since it was released, but it has gathered dust. I’m not a big-time gamer, but I do like to play on occasion even though I often don’t get to play with anyone but myself.

I had wanted an XBox for quite a while, but wanted to remain loyal to Nintendo, and I still enjoy their games. They make fun games. The XBox overall is geared towards blood & guts and shooting games, which aren’t my style. Why they don’t really have any good platformers (aside from Lego) for the Xbox is strange to me.

I bought a used Xbox and low and behold the one I got was used by a fellow Doctor Who fan. So I felt I was pre-destined to get this one (either that or previous owner is a time-traveler). I won’t mention the gamertag in case he still uses it, but it came with a Doctor Who theme (ok a little outdated) and a Doctor Who user icon.

I had purchased one game to start with, a driving game. I enjoy driving games usually, though more fun going against real people. I haven’t tried that option (though forget even if it’s included with it). Anyway I was blown away by the graphics (coming from the Wii that is to be expected).

I also managed to snag a Gold subscription for online for a low price through my gift card at Amazon and Amazon’s prices. So now I could also watch Netflix through my Xbox (and access to a few other apps). Again the quality is stupendous! I used to use my blu-ray player for Netflix and it was pretty good, but even better through the Xbox even though both are HD devices.

What really grabbed me though was a game called Fable 2. My daughter has it and I got to try it for a bit. It was and is more my style of game. I’m not typically an RPG type person, but this is more on the “lite” side of RPG’ing.

It has me hooked. I am also planning to get Fable 3 at some point and maybe some of the downloadable content. Already have one of the downloadable content for Fable 2. This is my kind of game. Hopefully I can find more, which XBox again excels at is you can download Demo’s. So you can try out the game first.

It is fun to play with my daughter as well (though her Gold membership ran out for now). I could play with my son Kyle who has an XBox as well, but he’s been reluctant to provide his gamertag. I can understand his wish for privacy and to keep Dad at a distance lol.

You might have been thinking to yourself, isn’t Nintendo coming out with the Wii U soon? Won’t that have HD graphics? Yes it is coming out soon and will have HD graphics, a tablet controller, TVii (remote for your cable/satellite which looks neat) and access to all the previous Wii games. It looks like a powerhouse. Naturally is has one thing I will miss with the XBox…. Mario.

Will I get a Wii U? I’m really not sure, I will probably help my sons get one though and be able to play it there. I’m just not gung-ho about it. I have been loyal to Nintendo since the NES days, yet each cycle of systems, they can’t quite get what people want. We “settle” because we love our Mario or our Zelda games. If it wasn’t for those terrific games, I know many could care less about Nintendo.

This will be the first Nintendo console release I do not plan to be one of the first to purchase. That could certainly change if the right offer comes along, but I’m fine with my XBox. Also I’m not as young as I used to be and gaming isn’t as much of a passion as it used to be.


6 thoughts on “Xbox fun

    • Thanks for the suggestion and it has been something I have considered. I got Oblivion from someone for Christmas and I am none too sure about it. I’m not what you would call a good FPS type player. I have difficulty moving a viewpoint with myself on screen (I’m old lol). Not only that I was overwhelmed by how many options for items, etc. Apparently many like those games, but I need them a little more simplified.

      • you can toggle a third person view on Skyrim (I think its available in Oblivion also). What I really like on Skyrim is its vast open world and its very active modding community (just visit Also, its doesn’t force you to do things so you can pace on your own and it has numerous side quests! Its like a way of life. Besides fighting and getting missions done, you build a house, a family, defend towns from dragons, win a war, be a werewolf or vampire and others. Also, more DLC’s are coming so expect new stuff to be added to the game.

        You can also try some casual RPG type gameplay like Torchlight I & II, Dungeon Siege I & II, or you can go old school and try Ragnarok Online all over again. 🙂 Btw, these are not First Person type games.

        I think that’s all for now. Just a note though, I’m not sure if all of the games i have mentioned have counterparts on Xbox. 🙂

      • You are correct, there is 3rd person view and I just get disoriented. I’ve always been a so-so gamer, only get SO far and do not SO good.. I may try it again, but through the short intro I had trouble just killing rats. My real blog keeps me occupied so not as much time for games, not that I’m much of a gamer really.
        Yes Skyrim does look amazing and yes you can do many things with it, though didn’t think you do modding on the Xbox, but yes seen DLC coming for it. I’ve heard of all except Ragnarok and not sure if for me either.
        I appreciate the suggestions. I just tried a zombie game on Windows 8 and it only has keyboard and mouse controls, and struggled. I dislike WASD controls, too impatient I guess to eventually learn to use them. This game has no Xbox controller support. Oh well.

      • You can try Ragnarok Online. It doest use the WASD keys in moving your character. I can’t really suggest games for your Xbox since I don’t really own one.

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