New car

Well as many know I purchased a new car just over a month ago. I posted pictures of it then and here is one of the pictures.

I went brand new because I have had a series of used cars with problems. To be sure the last one lasted me nearly 6 years, but it always felt like the end was near when driving it. So I wanted to start clean, even though due to my poor credit (bankruptcy) I had to have higher car payments than I might otherwise have gotten – plus it limited my car choices. While I didn’t get exactly the car I wanted (color, transmission (wanted manual)) I got the car that when I was preparing to purchase, I thought offered the best value.

I ended up having to get new plates because one of my old plates had rusted into the old car and they couldn’t get it off without damaging it. Even the one they did get off was pretty rusted. So I had to get new plates. Here’s where the dealership goofed, more than once.

I hadn’t bought a new car in a long time and no one had explained what needed to happen with the new plates. I just knew I had a temporary one and I thought they notified me when the new ones were ready. At the time when the temp tag expired I still had not heard about the plates so I went down to the dealership. Mistake #1.

They had somehow lost my paperwork and the plates hadn’t been put through. So they issued me a dealer plate in case I got pulled over. A few days later they had got another temp tag for me and even drove out to my work to put it on. That was convenient.

They had informed me I would get a memo in the mail regarding the new plates. What they neglected to tell me was that I’d have to go down to the BMV to get my new plates. I thought they issued plates from the dealership, since the last time I was there they had ruffled through a bunch of them checking on mine. Mistake #2 by them.

Incidently I had also received a bill from the BMV for the 2nd temp tag. When I went to the dealership I was told that wasn’t a problem, it was just for my records. It would have been nice to have been told this ahead of time. So I went down to the BMV with the memo. Low and behold I find out I need to pay for my registration. $30 till my b-day (about a month away). I thought the dealership had taken care of that expense, at least since I had been up to date on my registration until I was forced to get new plates. Mistake #3.

So I have my new plates, out $30 I didn’t expect. Oh forgot to include that I didn’t bring my checkbook or enough cash with me because I didn’t know I had to pay, so had to use the ATM there and get charged an additional service fee. Needless to say I wasn’t happy.

One final little tidbit. I get free car washes at the dealership, so while I was there today I thought I’d get it washed. No can do, backed up for about an hour with cars waiting. Figures. Though to be fair I got right in the last time I was there to get a car wash.

I’m not going to mention which dealership since overall it was a pleasant experience. I just think they tarnished their image in my eyes by not being forthcoming with all the information I needed regarding plates. They knew I hadn’t bought a car in a while, and even if I had, those things are supposed to be explained up front. I could go back and complain about the registration fee, but letting it go.

Their “punishment” will be that I don’t intend to get my car serviced there. I’ve trusted Conrad’s Tire before, so figure I’ll continue using them and the dealership I bought the car from won’t get my business (except for free car washes when I can get them).

The car though continues to run very well, grateful for the air conditioning, power windows and smooth ride. The only thing I really miss sometimes is cruise control, otherwise quite pleased with my purchase.


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