Massachusetts trip part 2

Day 4

Our fourth day there turned out to be the 4th of July. Originally we had planned to make a return to Boston for the “Pop Goes the Fourth” celebration. The boys were there as nearly 1 yr old babies and it would have been neat to do. It turned out though to be the best day for me to visit with my friend Chris and Alex to spend time with her friend Suzie.

I took the boys over to Chris’ and we spent about 3 hours there. Mostly reminiscing about the old days and talking a little about work, etc. The boys were bored understandably, but had their 3DS’s to keep themselves occupied as needed. A neighbor of theirs apparently had invited them (and us) over for a cookout but nothing materialized with it. Strange. Chris is out of work and his eyesight is deteriorating unfortunately. He is still in good spirits though and married to his loving wife Beth. I didn’t take any pictures there, Chris usually doesn’t care to have it taken and I didn’t even think of asking.

I believe we ate at Friendlys for dinner. I’ve eaten at this one many times across from Building #19 in Norwood. We did not have the best service though. It appeared the waitress was more interested in conversing with her regulars (making an assumption here) than making sure we had what we needed. My measure for service quality is refilling of drinks. If they do it without asking then they will get a good tip. Doing it too early doesn’t help though as it encourages you to drink more of the over charged drink. This waitresses did fill Kyle’s glass but totally ignored mine even when she stopped nearby a couple of times with mine empty. I shouldn’t have to stop a waitresses to ask for a refill. It is part of their job and shows you are paying attention to your table.

Day 5

We planned a couple of different things for this day. Firstly to spend a little time with Jean’s family. She and Paul are always very busy so we weren’t able to plan much this time around. Their house is undergoing a transformation, at least outside and it is looking very nice. We did take a moment to walk to a neighbors to see their animals. A couple of screenshots below.

Alana and Alex with Llamas

Emu at Jean’s neighbors house

Alana spent a lot of time with Alex as she did the last time we visited.  Alex is like a big sister to her, good to see. Cameron on the other hand has grown tremendously in height. Last I saw him he was still a kid, now only 3 years later and his voice is deeper and he is a shade taller than me. He didn’t really visit with us though. Those wonderful teenage years at play I imagine.

Unexpectedly Jean and Paul put together a quick cookout for us. We didn’t plan on it and didn’t really think of doing it until that day. I wish they didn’t have to go buy stuff that day and do that for us like that, but it was nice of them to do it. The food was very delicious as well.

After our visit we went off to two tours of factories. The first one was for Finagle A Bagel a popular chain the Boston area. It wasn’t so much a tour as looking in a window at a few people. It mentioned there was construction so I’m sure it is normally a bigger tour. We saw them making bagels, lots of them, plus some history of the company.

Next we were off to Taza Chocolate in Somerville. A fairly new venture but they provide a tour. I had to make reservations and it wasn’t free, but $5 wasn’t a bad price to pay. You had to wear hairnets for part of it and learned a lot about what goes into making their chocolate. They have interesting flavors like Cinnimon, Salt + Pepper and a couple with Chili in them (I didn’t know it when I tasted one). You get to try several samples on the tour and in the small store. They make discs and bars primarily but a few other items as well. It isn’t your typical chocolate as most of it is grittier, but that is because it is stone-ground. An interesting tour and glad we did it. One image below of the tour.

In middle of pic, Kyle, Grandma and Alex with their hairnets on

Day 6

This was our last day in Massachusetts. Alex, the boys and I drove down to Fall River. It was a split trip. Alex wanted to see Lizzie Borden’s house and the boys and I planned to visit Battleship Cove. We dropped Alex off and took a tour of the warships. I had been there when I was younger but did not recall most of it, though perhaps some had changed. Either way it was a good thing to do and I took lots of pictures. Here is one but the rest are linked below.

USS Massachusetts view from back off desk

The drive home from Massachusetts was uneventful. We made good time. It was a nice trip to Massachusetts, not too busy but not too much time doing nothing. We only missed the Cape Code Scenic Railroad trip I was looking forward to doing.

My next trip, whenever that is, will not be to Massachusetts. I’m hoping somewhere else that I haven’t been, but perhaps without the kids. I love my kids but would like to take a different kind of trip. Of course to do that I don’t want to do it alone, so will need to find some sort of companion lol.

Family Photos 2012 – some posed, some not: Link removed by request. Email for info.

Battleship Cove pics >>

Misc Massachusets Pics :


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