Massachusetts trip

It’s been nearly a week since I returned from our trip to Massachusetts. I say “our” because my twin sons came with me for the trip down there and my daughter was also there during the same time. The trip there was relatively uneventful, took about 11 hours. Our first stop was at my favorite restaurant Papa Ginos. We had an enjoyable pizza.

Thanks to my parents we had a place to sleep each night. Without that we would have not been able to do the trip. There place isn’t ideal due to my mom being a hoarder but it is manageable. I am glad I do not have to live in or see it everyday. Although do think constantly about what will happen when my parents pass and my brother, sister and I will be left cleaning up the accumulation of junk.

Day 1

Bruce’s house – his children, Papa Kyle in background

We spent this day with my brother Bruce and his family. Wife (name removed), daughter (name removed) and son (name removed). It was my first time meeting (name removed). He is 3 and quite a character. He has interests like playing drums and being flipped upside down. We were kindly served pizza by Bruce and (name removed) and took a tour of their garden areas. We also spent time at their church cookout with food and entertainment.

Day 2

Inside Fanieul Hall

The 2nd day brought us to Boston. We spent some time at the Quincy Marketplace and met up with the kids mom (also in town) so they could visit a bit with her and her friend Michelle. We walked the Freedom trail as the above picture is from part of that trip. The trail ends at the USS Constitution so we took a free tour of the ship and took a ferry back to the Aquarium to catch the subway back home. We ate at Papa Ginos again since I wanted to try my old favorite sub and it disappointed. They had changed the bread so it wasn’t the same.

Day 3

Gram, Pops, Kyle, Sean on bench at Walpole Forest

This day was primarily a relaxing day with not a lot to be done. We went geocaching which is Alex’s fun she likes to do. Although the picture above was taken while she was off searching for a hidden item. She enjoys it so glad to do it for her. Actually saw a one-family cemetery in the Walpole Forest I didn’t know existed. We also went and played a round of mini-golf. I came in first, Kyle and Papa tied for 2nd and forget where the rest landed. Finally we stopped at the Emerald Square Mall. This is a 3-story mall we used to visit a lot 15 to 20 years ago.

One of our additional adventures each day was to find a wi-fi hot spot. My dad doesn’t have wi-fi at the home and we are used to always having it. I was publishing my blog (Through the Panes) and so wanted to be able to keep updating it. First we tried Panera Bread which was nice but too expensive. Next we hit McDonalds, which was very good and wasn’t very expensive. By the way I mean expensive as in having to buy something to stay there and use FREE wi-fi. We also knew the local library was free and used them a couple of times. The main problem was that they closed at 8pm and were not open on July 4th so it limited the availability.

I’ll write about other days soon. For now here is a link to the rest of the images of the Boston Trip. Images of day 2 will appear later.

-Link removed by request- please email if wish to see


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