My how things can change on a dime

Just the other day I had reserved a rental car because I figured my Jetta wouldn’t make it and I know my sons didn’t really want to ride in it either. Well low and behold what happened yesterday, my Jetta died. The clutch went kaput. Is it fixable? Sure. Is it worth fixing? No way. Too many other things wrong. So it was time to say goodbye to a car that despite it’s problems had served me well.

Due to my credit, my options were limited, but I was able to secure a 2012 Hyundai Accent. It will mean a tighter budget than I had hoped for with child support payments completed, but without it I would have difficulty getting to work. Also I would be severely limited on when I could see my children and/or assist the ex.

It does mean I can cancel the rental. I may have to watch the funds a little tighter for the trip to Massachusetts, but not too much. In fact I can now extend it one more day since I don’t have to worry about returning a rental.

You gotta take the good with the bad with things. I am hoping I chose the right car to last me 10 years. The Jetta managed almost 6, which isn’t bad considering it was used (although to be fair I’m surprised as so many things were either already broke or on the way there). I’ll list at the end of this in case anyone is curious.

It isn’t how you want to buy a car, go in and say I need one today. But I think I was treated fairly under the circumstances.


Jetta list of problems:

  • A/C broke
  • all 4 struts gone
  • brakes weak
  • check engine light on
  • oil pressure light blinks
  • air bag light comes on sometimes
  • alarm system broke
  • electrical system doesn’t work probably
  • clutch broke
  • engine loud, might be related to other issues above

There might be other things, but this is what I am aware of.


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