Vacation Planning

I’m sure many of you have planned a vacation or two. The last time I made a trip to visit Massachusetts (my home state) was in 2009 and there was very little planning done. It might have been better to plan things more, but overall it was still a fun trip but maybe we missed out on some things if we planned more.

One thing that is really neat is collaboration. I like in Akron, my kids live in Mansfield and the rest of my family in Massachusetts. We can share the same document via Google Docs so that we can edit and see changes easily. We are using Facebook as well to communicate those changes. It would take a many phone calls to organize all this otherwise. Some may have done this before, but I never have had a need.

Due to the shortness of the trip and two days taken up just driving there and back (11 hours each way) we are trying to cram a lot in a short time. Not only trying to fit in visits to landmarks or sites in the area, but keep them fairly cheap and also provide time to visit with family and friends. It is quite the tightrope to walk.

It is taking shape though. Most of all I hope it to be a fun time with my adult children as we may not be able to do something like this again.

I reserved the rental today so that is one less worry. Enterprise is so much easier because they pick you up, plus get a discount there through work so that helps.

The below image has nothing to do with the trip, but recently upload some photos from my phone to my laptop and this was one of them. Unfortunately my lens wasn’t clean when I took pictures of my boys for graduation. So don’t have those to share.

Nature Realm where I usually walk


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