Sons Graduation

My twin sons graduated yesterday (6/10/12) from high school. They completed school on-line from 8th/9th grade on. At first I admit I was skeptical about it. I went to public schools why couldn’t they? Plus would they really learn being at home?

Certainly there was the medical aspect to consider. Sean has had medical challenges most of his life and he was hitting some of the toughest so far as he was in middle school. Since it meant going into the hospital (in Cleveland) often it made it difficult to complete school on it’s fixed schedule. By doing it on-line, not only could he do it when it was convenient, but he could do it at the hospital. He could also get school quicker if he was able to progress through the material quicker.

Sure he’d miss friends,  school activities, which of course he could connect some via on-line, but it worked. It worked so well Kyle decided to do the same after first trying to continue at the school.

They got their schoolwork done in the mornings so they could play in the afternoon or watch tv or whatever they might want to do, including going out with Mom. If they missed school for one reason, they made it up other days. The school also provided equipment for them to use (computers, ipods, printers) and that just had to be returned upon graduation.

It was an interesting ceremony because if they knew anyone else besides the teachers, it wasn’t by meeting them in person (even the teachers didn’t meet in person usually). It was nice to see my boys in their graduation gowns (no matter how silly those things can look).

I’m especially proud of the work they put in through all the struggles to get where they are now. Sean was even honored as a Presidential Gold recipient, the only male winner. I assume for high GPA of 3.7. Kyle had a terrific GPA as well of about 3.5. Who knows what lies for them in the future but they got good schooling through Treca on-line.

Last but not least I want to give a shout out to my ex-wife. She did everything she could to work with them and to help them pass their schoolwork. They did the work, but she helped guide them to the success they have had.

Congrats again my boys. Great job 🙂


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